Frequently Asked Questions

HREC Meetings & Reviewing Ethics Applications

How do I access HREC meeting information?
Ethics RM allows HREC members to access meeting information, including the agenda, past minutes and submissions. To access meeting information: 1) At the login page enter your designated email and password. 2) In the 'Work Area' select the 'Meetings' tile. 3) Select the applicable meeting link. 4) Select one of four tab options for the following information: Tab 1 Details - date, time & location of the meeting. Tab 2 Reviews - ethics applications to be reviewed. Tab 3 Attendees - attendance summary. Tab 4 Documents - agenda, minutes, discussion items.
How do I access & review ethics applications?
HREC members can access and review ethics applications in a central location. Once the applicable meeting has been selected, to access and review individual ethics applications: 1) Select the 'Reviews' tab to access all ethics applications for review at that meeting. 2) Select the 'Review Reference' hyperlink to the left-hand side to access each ethics application. 3) Once a specific ethics application is accessed, select 'Review Application' (magnifying glass icon), to see all sections of the ethics application. 4) The 'previous' and 'next' arrow icons can be selected to move forward and back throughout the ethics application, in page order. 5) The 'navigate' pointing arrow icon can be selected to return to the application front page.
Can I make comments within the ethics application when reviewing?
Ethics RM enables written commentary, that is automatically saves as you are reviewing. HREC members can make comments as part reviewing an ethics application, in preparation for a meeting. The commentary will assist the reviewer to prepare for the meeting discussion. 1) Within Ethics RM there are two types of comments, 'Panel' and 'Form' comments: a) Panel comments are relevant to a specific ‘panel’ of the application. b) Form comments are general comments relevant to the whole application. 2) All member reviewer comments will default to the correct setting, ie ‘Comment’ and ‘Hidden from applicant’. 3) All member reviewer comments are not binding, moreover discussion points for the meeting. 4) All member reviewer comments are anonymous to other members, however can be viewed in summary by the HREC Chair and Secretary.